About Us

As we depend on software more than ever, as IoT revolution and all sorts of AI driven products testimony, we must build dependable solutions whilst embracing the attitude toward taking full responsibility for delivered artifacts. We cannot circumvent accountability by applying a simple license stating that our software comes with no warranties, hence use it at your own risk. This is at the heart of what Expro I.T. Consulting tries to address in the domain of outsourcing. All consultants are subjected to detailed scrutiny and evaluation before being assigned to clients in helping them build high-quality products. But the story doesn't end here. We also view the engagement in a holistic manner and ensure clients get all the expertise they need to further evolve their solution. We never leave a client at the same level of knowledge by just handing over the result, as many other consulting companies do. In short, Expro I.T. Consulting follows a similar management framework as Microsoft's Model, Coach & Care.

Building a complex enterprise application under a pressure of time and with limited resources, while coping in parallel with constantly changing requirements, may easily become a mystery for an unacquainted staff. For those who lack vital skills, knowledge, and experience that mystery means lot of worthless experimentation, missed deadlines, and wildly exceeded project budget. The product is usually more a patchwork than a clean and nice working solution. We are here to bring you the necessary skills and knowledge to complete your projects on time while attaining high quality with less risk.


Our team has extensive experience with many software engineering processes including Scrum, SAFe 5, Rational Unified Process and its lean variant OpenUP as well as ATAM 3 and TOGAF for devising an architecture of a system. We have helped our clients deliver production systems by implementing IT components in Java, Python, and JavaScript. We are also happy to provide educational services like webinars, courses, and training/mentoring. We may help you in a variety of ways, some of which are enrolled below:

  • Perform tasks related requirements engineering

  • Work out an architecture of your system

  • Implement part of your system

  • Perform code and process reviews

  • Organize training for your team and mentor your software developers

REP for Europe

Address: Svetosavska 43, I/2, 23300 Kikinda, Serbia

E-Mail: office@exproit.rs

Phone: +381-230-429987

Tax ID (ПИБ): 105452810

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